Fundase is an organization created in 2008 which offers assistance to the most vulnerable people in Valencia, Venezuela. It is formed by a group of volunteers engaged in community service.

This help is carried out through three programs:
1. Hermano indigente: it provides meals on a regular basis to 50 people experiencing homelessness.

2. Albergue de ancianos Santa Eduvigis: it provides meals, medicines and volunteer support to 14 destitute elders in an aged care home.

3. Aprendiendo a vivir: it provides more than 2220 meals, on a monthly basis, to 150 disadvantaged children living in extreme poverty.

This organization is formally registered in the Aid Program which was started by the Venezuelan Australia Association in a team effort with the Humanitarian Aid Group. We received supporting information (such as its structure, performance report, legal registration, testimonies) which allowed us to validate its work and include it in the programs offered through the initiative.
If you would like to help, Fundase is currently receiving donations through Venezuelan local bank wire transfers. This organization also has programs to sponsor a child through monthly donations. For more details about how to make a donation please email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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