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Hogar Bambi Venezuela, was created on April 1992, through the initiative of a group of people with high sensibility and social commitment to help children deprived from their family environment.

This organization provides children with a temporary, substitute home that serves as a stable foundation for their growth and development.  Hogar Bambi currently provides shelter, protection and comprehensive care to 120 children who have been orphaned, abandoned or otherwise deprived of family nurturing.

Our contribution will help to provide integral care to these children, including education, medical care, nutritious food, and shelter, ensuring that their physical, social and educational conditions are improved in the short-term, while increasing their self-reliance and chances for a better future as adults.

Hogar Bambi has been formally registered as a GlobalGiving non-for-profit organization and you can help to provide integral care for 120 children through donations

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  • Hohar Bambi Venezuela
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