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What is the Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela Initiative?

Our purpose is to build a meaningful connection between those that are willing to help from Australia, with people affected by the Humanitarian Crisis in the Venezuela.

We have contacted Several NGOs and Charities in Venezuela that are helping the most vulnerable people in the country: disadvantaged children, families in extreme poverty, hospitals and the elderly.  Four organizations have been formally registered in our Humanitarian Aid Program that is offering comprehensive support to NGOs and Foundations through donations, professional services and communication campaigns, while fostering standards of transparency and integrity.

Together, we make the difference.

Do you want to help the humanitarian aid initiative?

The VAA Humanitarian Aid initiative is supporting starting the month of May 2019, Mates without Borders, a non-for-profit organization, founded by Venezuelan residents in Australia and formally registered as a charity with the Australian Charity and Non-for-Profit Commission. 

This organisation is currently supporting a project to provide food and hope to “Hogar Muchas Manos”, a foster home in Venezuela that brings comprehensive care to children, mostly girls, that are given to their care due to the difficult humanitarian crisis the country is facing.

You can donate via the GoFoundMe link below.

Meet NGOs and Foundations that The Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela is supporting and how to help them

This organization was created in 2017 and currently offers assistance to 50 families living in extreme poverty, providing them with food and medicines.

You can support Wairen Foundation by donating via PayPal or Venezuelan local wire transfer.


Prepara Familia is a NGO which has been offering support to families in crisis and promoting their human rights for more than 10 years. It is recognized for its hard work during all these years, mostly in the main children hospital of the country “Hospital de niños J.M de los Rios”.

You can support them by PayPal donations.


UMA Foundation is an organization created in 1998, it offers assistance and comprehensive community or individual aid to children, adolescents and the elderly in need. It is formed by a network of volunteers engaged in community servicing as part of a big humanitarian aid.

You can support them by PayPal donations.


Fundase is an organization created in 2008 which offers assistance to the most vulnerable people in Valencia, Venezuela. It is formed by a group of volunteers
engaged in community service.

To support this organization please contact


This organization provides children with a temporary, substitute home that serves as a stable foundation for their growth and development.  Hogar Bambi currently provides shelter, protection and comprehensive care to 120 children who have been orphaned, abandoned or otherwise deprived of family nurturing.

You can support them by Global Giving donations.

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