Humanitarian Aid - Introducing Wairen Foundation

Wairen - remarkable organization dedicated to serving families in need

Our country is facing an uncertain moment in its history. Reports suggest it is in significant need of humanitarian aid.

A group of volunteers and the Venezuelan Association of Australia in Melbourne are working together in a joint initiative to enable the connection between people in Australia willing to help and Charities in Venezuela working in aid of the humanitarian crisis in the country.

We have contacted several NGOs and Charities in Venezuela that are helping people in need, by providing a range of support, including food and medicines especially to children, mothers and the elderly. The first list of organizations has been created with information about their work, contact information, programs, current needs and existing channels to help. Aiming at directly contributing to the priority needs of the most vulnerable Venezuelan people.

The first registered charity we would like to share with the community is Wairen. This organization was created in 2017 and currently offers assistance to 50 families living in extreme poverty, providing mainly food and medicines.

This organization has formally registered in the initiative and sent us supporting information (such as its structure, performance report, legal registration, testimonies) which allowed us to validate its work and include it in the programs offered through the initiative.

If you would like to help, Wairen receives donations through Paypal and bank wire transfers. This organization also has programs to sponsor a family.

For donations in foreign currency:

For donations in local currency:

Banco Venezolano de Crédito. Fundacion Wairen Nro. 0104000826008034343


Facebook: Fundacion Wairen

Instagram: @fundacionwairen

Tweeter: @fundacionwairen

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