Arepazo for Venezuela

The Venezuelan Association of Australia (VAA) along with the Humanitarian Aid Group are concerned about the current situation in Venezuela. We are delighted to inviting you to an afternoon of immersive Venezuelan culture in Melbourne, we have called the event "Arepazo por Venezuela", as we are raising funds to help non-profit organizations who are dealing with families in humanitarian aid crisis in Venezuela. (To discover more about this group and initiatives come and join us in a multi-cultural afternoon)

About the Arepazo

If you were wondering what "arepazo" means, a dictionary look up might not help, not even Google, but we proudly will tell you all about it. The "Arepa", it is just one of the most popular dishes in Venezuela, most families have it daily and it is a sort of bread, made of corn flour, that can be filled with practically any option of your preference, such as, cheese, ham, beef, black beans, chicken, sausages, pork, amongst many of the options.

However, "arepazo" is a Venezuelan colloquialism, in saying "a big event of just arepas".

By now, you would know what an Arepa is, but we would like you to join us to tasting our home made style Arepas and further support our fundraising event, which will focus in below targets. Please note, all supplies are being donated by Volunteers of the Humanitarian Aid Group, the event is being sponsored by the VAA and St. Brigid's Catholic parish (Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC).

This event targets below Aid:

  • Monetary help to Non-Government Organisations who are helping family in humanitarian crisis, to short-listed NGOs by the Humanitarian Aid Group.

  • Monetary help to St. Bridig's Catholic Parish who are helping directly most vulnerable Venezuelans in the border with Colombia (Cucuta city)

Event details: Saturday, April 13th 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM at St. Brigid Catholic Church, 378 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North VIC 3054, Australia.

Check out further event details in our Facebook page

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