What a great day! Together we make a difference

Physically far from Venezuela, and a lot, but this situation does not prevent Venezuelans living in Melbourne from being indifferent to what is currently happening in our home country and especially to our people. The fact that Venezuela has reached one of the most drastic conditions in its history, which will be spoken at schools as one of the worst situations in many years, aggravates us On the face of this, we also wanted to join the humanitarian aid that our people so badly need. And then El Arepazo emerged in order to raise funds that initially will go to five Venezuelan NGOs. Why "El Arepazo"? To connect us with a tasty dish: the arepa. One of the many that our cuisine has, which is suitable to be sold and filled with multiple flavours that will blow the palate of the most qualified gourmet chef. The sky opened up to give us a nearly tropical Saturday. It saw us Venezuelans, like working bees, moving, by force of muscle and our humorous nature, the grills, tables and other things that were needed. We meticulously prepared the place for the day, the courtyards of St Brigid Church. We sold arepas, desserts, drinks and Venezuelan products at humble prices. We made arepas amongst laughter, we cooked them patiently with the seriousness of the set of "chefs areperos", and then they were filled with thousands flavours and colours, under the mischievous and expert care of those who knew that the person was going to be surprised with what they were about to experience and it would lead them to go in for seconds. The desserts table was incredibly sweet, not only because it was covered with delicious desserts but also because of the smiles of the beautiful people helping out. The lovely movement of the Venezuelan woman was present through the dance. And there was no shortage of amazing music, which was a separate chapter, as it entailed a contribution from an Australian ensemble, a Venezuelan DJ and some other artists. They all gave a magical touch to the activity. The necessary information booth, where the raised money will be going, was ready to answer all questions diligently. The table of our restless children was always in movement, like the section where the auction of the received donations was. Our children's paintings filled the courtyard with creativity and colour. The site of drinks for a sunny day could not miss. Everything was carefully planned, we are Venezuelans, challenges are to turn them into results and the objective deserved it, it was for our brothers in need in our country. And thanks to whom? To you Venezuelan volunteer, to your boost, donation, time, ideas, energy, smiles, connection, who worked in a team tirelessly. To you Australians and people from other countries of Latin America and the world, who showed your solidarity with your assistance, inquiries and then with the tasting of our products. To all the companies which gave us spectacular donations. To all a deep thanks, not only from the organizer (Venezuela Association of Australia, Melbourne) but also from the NGOs: Fundación Wairen, Fundase, Prepara Familia, Fundación UMA y Misioneros Scalabrinianos. See you in the next event, where we hope we will count not only with your presence but also on your volunteering. Recall our popular saying: "a single stick does not make a mountain", together we are more.

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