Volunteer for the vaa!
we need people JUST like you

By being a member of the VAA and deciding to join the Volunteer program, you will be supporting the VAA and other members of the association who need your help.  However, the core values of the volunteer program are designed to support your growth both personally and professionally. They will provide a common ground for all volunteers to work together in harmony to further the goals and message of the VAA.

Values of a VAA Volunteer

Show “Venezuelanness”

Inspire your fellow VAA members by showing your love of Venezuelan culture through your actions as a volunteer.  Always demonstrate positivity, joy, a sense of humor and the inclusiveness that Venezuelans have with each other and champion that feeling not only within the VAA but to Australians everywhere.


Work collaboratively

Ensure that you work together in harmony with your fellow volunteers, and remember to be respectful of others' opinions while ensuring that the goals of the VAA are met in an appropriate manner.



It is essential as a volunteer that you are committed to achieving the VAA's objectives in a timely and appropriate manner.


Finding new and more effective ways of doing things is encouraged.

Show integrity

Be able to lead by example, and follow through on the commitments you make to the VAA, other volunteers and most importantly, to yourself.


Join with other VAA Volunteers to better the situations of not only VAA members but the community in which we have chosen to reside.  The VAA is committed to trying to build a better world together by thinking of others' situations as well as our own and how we can assist with that in our unique way.


When working as a VAA Volunteer you are the public face of the VAA and as such must act with integrity and professionalism at all times.  


Strive for excellence in everything you do as a VAA Volunteer, and inspire others to do the same.

Constructive Communication

No organisation is perfect, and improvements often come from questioning the status quo.  Constructive criticism is  welcome in the VAA but always follow the other Values of a Volunteer when doing so and act with integrity and respect.

Be aware of your skills

Let us know what your strengths are and what you enjoy doing so we can create amazing and effective teams.


A VAA Volunteer is energetic and passionate.  You can see that they believe in what they are doing and that they are having fun doing it.

Show empathy

Be aware of and listen to other volunteers’ thoughts, ideas, feelings and actions.  Be mindful that others' opinions may vary to yours, and show respect.


Sometimes a situation suddenly changes or something happens that you do not expect, so be prepared to be flexible and think on the fly so you can always strive for a successful outcome.



Be proactive and find ways to improve yourself and the VAA at every opportunity.


Community Minded

Have a positive attitude when dealing with VAA members or members of the public and make sure to give them all your Venezuelaness



Be firm in your convictions and dont give up even when it might seem impossible or too hard, while maintaining the other Volunteer values.



Always be truthful with others and most importantly with yourself.