UMA Foundation is an organization created in 1998, it offers assistance and comprehensive community or individual aid to children, adolescents and the elderly in need. It is formed by a network of volunteers engaged in community servicing as part of a big humanitarian aid.

This help is carried out through two programs:
1. CIGUMA, which works as a substitute home with capacity for up to 27 children (currently 25 from 5 years old) in situations of social risk.

2. Ciudad de la Alegría is a home which provides comprehensive care and aid to up to 14 unassisted elderly (currently 8) in areas like health, recreation and nutrition.

This organization is formally registered in the initiative, we have  received supporting information (such as its structure, performance report, legal registration, testimonies) which allowed us to validate its work and include it in the programs offered through the initiative.
If you would like to help, UMA is currently receiving donations through PayPal, please check details below. This organization also has programs to sponsor a child or elderly person through monthly donations. 
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account: umausainc@gmail.com

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