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This organization was created in 2017 and currently offers assistance to 50 families living in extreme poverty, providing mainly  food and medicines.


Wairen Foundation has been formally registered in the Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela initiative and sent us supporting information (such as its structure, performance report, legal registration, testimonies) which allowed VAA to validate its work and include them in the programs offered through the initiative.

If you would like to help, Wairen receives donations through Paypal and Venezuelan bank wire transfers. This organization also has programs to sponsor a family in need. 

Donate by Paypal

For donations in Venezuelan local currency:

Banco Venezolano de Crédito. Fundacion Wairen Nro. 0104000826008034343



  • Fundación Wairén
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  • @fundacionwairen

See how your contribution helps

Making a difference to Jose’s life

Jose is a dedicated father, looking after his two children since his wife passed away almost 3 years ago. Even though he has suffered a heart attack and paralysis, he is commited to raising his daughters. He is struggling to sustain his family with his salary as a security guard. However, through the Humanitarian Aid Initiative, our sponsorship is helping Jose to get the food for his family and the medicines he needs.

We feel fortunate to have the opportunity of working with Wairen Foundation to make a difference in Jose’s life.

Helping Belkis to feed her family

Belkis is a strong woman who has persevered in the most difficult times.  Despite having a disability, Belkis has been sustaining her family with her work: selling sweets, cookies and lollies. Due to the crisis in Venezuela, her small initiative collapsed and she has been struggling to feed herself and her two kids, aged 10 and 5. 



Through the Humanitarian Aid Initiative, we are making the difference in Belkis’ life: every month, we help her to get the basic food her family needs. Now Belkis is grateful to know that there are people out there in Australia that support her to be resilient in this difficult time.

The text in the right photo reads "Thank you to all who contributed this help possible from Melbourne Australia"